This agreement is between “The Customer” and Trincargo International Services Co Ltd, (herein after referred in this agreement as Trincargo/Trin-E-Box ) which operates a service called “Trin-E-Box” or “TrinBox” and any of its agents or affiliates that Trincargo may elect to use from time to time in the transport and delivery of shipments.

Effective May 01, 2011, any new customer registering with Trincargo/Trin-E-Box, whether on line or manually, or any pre-existing customer who sends packages that arrive in our facility in Trinidad and Tobago or Miami, USA, on or after 01 May, 2011, agrees to all of our terms and conditions without reservations.

  1. Because Trincargo/Trin-E-Box had no control over whom the customer gives or causes to give, or allow to gain access to, the shipping address of the customer, the customer will be responsible for all materials received at any of our facility, including mail, magazines and all other items, and shall pay all charges incurred thereon, whether the customer claims to have ordered the items or not.
  2. It is the responsibility of the customer and NOT Trincargo/Trin-E-Box, to prevent unwanted materials from being shipped to our facilities.
  3. Trincargo/Trin-E-Box does not provide any insurance coverage period. So it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for insurance coverage, for full/partial loss or damage of packages or part contents of packages, to cover all the risks involved in shipping and delivery of cargo, or to ship at their own and deliberate risk.
  4. The customer is responsible for arranging for the proper packaging of all shipments either thru the shipper/supplier, or other third parties. Trincargo/Trin-E-Box will not be responsible for loss or damage or missing content of any package whether such packing were arranged thru Trincargo/Trin-E-Box or not. Trincargo/Trin-E-Box role in packing is limited to assisting the customer only, in arranging for packing, but Trincargo/Trin-E-Box will attract no responsibility therefrom.
  5. Customer is responsible for the payment of ALL charges items received at our facility addressed to the customer and such charges shall include but not limited to, freight and handling, customs duties and taxes, governmental fines and penalties, and our legal fees and legal costs arising therefrom.
  6. The Customer specifically agrees to pay All charges on DELIVERY or RECEIPT of items and NO Credit shall be requested or assumed whatsoever.
  7. The customer agrees to pay for ALL pkgs which arrives at destination, including mail and magazines, and shall not have the discretion to pick some leave some. Customer is obligated to receive and pay for ALL available packages or none, as no package is to be left un-received.
  8. It is the responsibility of the customer to check the website to see all packages received, and to provide instructions for the release of any packages held at Miami. The website is very customer service friendly and provides ease of ability to monitor and facilitate fast processing of shipments especially those held in Miami.
  9. The customer must ensure that a the correct P.O. Box Number and/or street address is given to the supplier and is correctly quoted on all pkgs to avoid mis-route, mis-sort and/or extra charges and delays.
  10. All items must be properly and correctly declared with their true and proper value. Understand no circumstances must packages be undervalued so as to avoid customs duties. A genuine invoice must be produced for all items.
  11. The customer agrees not to ship or cause to be shipped any illegal, prohibited, restricted items contrary to international shipping laws especially the laws of the USA and of Trinidad & Tobago. These illegal, restricted or prohibited items include but are not limited to narcotics in any of its forms, firearms, ammunitions, all explosive devices in all its forms. Some of these items such as firearms, can be legally imported so long as the customer obtains the necessary permits, licenses, and/or approval from all the government and state agencies, and are properly declared with advance notice etc. Customer agrees to comply by all these laws, rules and regulations.
  12. Especially in view of item (xi.) above,Trincargo/Trin-E-Box is reluctant to allow the use of one registration by multiple individuals with whom we have no contact details or identification info on file.
  13. The US Govt. has very strict laws restricting shipment of items to or from unknown or unregistered persons. The customer is decidedly discouraged form allowing other unregistered persons to use his/her box, as the registered customer will become solely responsible for all breeches or charges derived therefrom.

The liability of Trincargo/Trin-E-Box, is governed generally by the Warsaw Convention by the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, (CMR). Specifically however, our maximum liability for any loss, however caused whether direct, incidental, special, or consequential, whether through delay, damage, missing content, non-delivery, mis-delivery, mis-information, or failure to provide information, is limited to the declared value of the item on which customs duties is payable, or to US$ 20.00 per kilo to a maximum ofUS$100.00 per shipment whichever is less. In case of multiple packages shipped by the same supplier to the same consignee and received on the same day, these shall be considered as one (1) shipment whether or not each package is given a separate identification or tracking number. The meaning of this clause is that the total liability to Trincargo/Trin-E-Box shall be limited to US$ 100.00 per shipmentor less, even if the declared value is more than US$ 100.00.

As a service to the customer, and at the customers written request, Trincargo/Trin-E-Box, may elect to assist the customer in arranging packaging for packages by parties other than Trincargo/Trin-E-Box. By so doing, Trincargo/Trin-E-Box does not accept any liability for having assisted in arranging the packaging. This is purely a courtesy to the customer and nothing else.

There has been a registration fee of TT200.00 payable at the time and date of registration but is currently free.

No renewal fee currently.

International Transportation for freight charges shall be based on the chargeable weight which shall be the actual weight or the volumetric weight whichever is greater. The chargeable weight will be the weight of the package as tendered to us for shipment by air, or according to the dimensions after re-packing as may be requested by consignee. Additionally there is also the possibility of repackaging fee for the repackaging of fragile items, Identifying fee for packages arriving in Miami without the account number and a local handling fee for all packages.

In addition to our regular fees as quoted on our rate sheet, an additional line item for fuel surcharge will added to our invoice. This fuel surcharge will fluctuate upward or downward according to the price on the international market and shall be published on our website @ www.trinebox.com monthly.

Customs Duty is calculated based on the CIF (with insurance) or C&F (without insurance) value of the goods which include: the actual commercial value of the goods plus the freight and any other foreign charges and insurance where applicable. Vat is calculated on the CIF or C&F value plus the duty.

Customs is not obligated to accept the declared value as stated on the invoice, if customs is of the view that the item was under-valued. Duty is paid on the commercial value of items and not necessarily what the customer declares they have paid for it. By way of explanation, if an item is ordinarily worth US1,000.00, but it was bought on auction or at a special rate or US100.00 or was given as a gift, the customs may value the item for US$ 1,000.00 for duty/vat payment, regardless to what price the customer may actually have paid for the item. This is a procedure of customs and not of Trincargo/Trin-E-Box.

Trincargo/Trin-E-Box shall have the right, and may choose to exercise that right to withhold packages for the following reasons. a) When there are outstanding charges against the shipment; b) when there are outstanding charges against previously delivered shipments; c) when customers attempts to receive some and leave back other packages that are available for delivery; d) for non-payment of renewal fee; and e) when there is a discrepancy as to what correct charges should be.

Trincargo/Trin-E-Box shall have to right to examine the contents of any and all packages to determine and verify the contents if in the estimation of Trincargo/Trin-E-Box such verification is needed to ensure compliance with local and international regulations especially those relating to legal and security issues.

Trincargo/Trin-E-Box will charge interest on outstanding balances as market forces may direct.

Trincargo/Trin-E-Box shall have the right to see or otherwise dispose of items left unclaimed or unpaid for after 30 days of the date of arrival. Trincargo/Trin-E-Box will attempt to contact the customer to advise our intention to dispose of the goods. This does not absolve the from their responsibility to pay all outstanding charges due to Trincargo whether or not the goods were disposed of.

Trincargo/Trin-E-Box is decidedly against all forms of illicit acts including but not limited to money laundering, the use, sale, trade, import/export of narcotics or other illegal substances in all their forms. Trincargo will not be a party to nor facilitate others directly or indirectly but will resolutely report any known or suspicious activity in breach of any of the laws of the Trinidad and Tobago or of any other country for that matter. Customers expressly agree NOT to transact or attempt to transact any of these or other illicit acts in their dealing with T Trincargo/Trin-E-Box.

Trincargo/Trin-E-Box shall have the right to amend or add to these terms and conditions as existing conditions, new laws and regulations may dictate.