why alert us regarding your purchases?

The primary reason for alerting us as to the impending arrival of a package is to keep your account updated to prevent shipping delays. By alerting us and uploading a copy of your commercial invoice from the online retailer you can help facilitate the identification and processing of your package when it arrives at Trinebox’s warehouse. With this information, our staff can easily identify your package and prepare the documentation needed to ship your package to you as quickly as possible.


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Upload a copy of your commercial invoice from your online retailer (i.e. Amazon or Target, etc.):‚Äč


1. Select the image file of the invoice of your purchase (PDF) from your computer. You may need to download the invoice from your online retailer. If you received an email receipt, convert that email into a PDF, JPG, GIF or PNG.

Maximum size is 2MB


2. Click CONTINUE to complete the upload.