Haz-Mat Express

Get your haz-mat items faster than before at a standard rate!

Hazardous materials are dangerous and can be a liability to the airlines to ship. As such, extra precautions are taken to try and ensure that these items do not cause harm on an aircraft, by fires, explosions, corrosion or other means. As a result, the charge to import Hazardous materials is much greater than non-hazardous items.

To ensure that each customer does not have to pay this exorbitant fee, Trinebox consolidates all customer packages for shipment. This method of holding and consolidating can usually result in a delay in the delivery of hazmat items but more importantly a reduction in the cost of shipping.

With Trinebox, we have a service called HAZ_MAT EXPRESS.

To alleviate this inconvenience to our customers, Trinebox will cover the cost of bringing in hazmat items, and a shipment will be brought in once every week, where a standard price of $30 TT per LB will be offered to our customers, removing the uncertainty of shipping charges.

We take all our restricted items (perfumes, gas shocks, body mist, some hair products, aerosol cans, Power wheel toys, batteries, Chemical substances) we consolidate every Tuesday and ship at a flat rate of $30 TTD per LB. If you are interested in items not mentioned here please feel free to contact our office for more information.

Please do not attempt to ship any restricted or hazardous products unless you have confirmed your country’s import and/or customs rules and regulations regarding such items. Any cost associated with the handling, removal, return shipping and/or disposal of such items will be your responsibility and will be charged to you.



While items used daily at home or at work for personal care may not seem hazardous, changes in temperature or pressure can cause a leakage of their contents, generating toxic gases which may also be flammable.